Show Posters

Ham on Everything show featuring Coldhart, Lil Lotus, Brennan Savage, Chetta, Gvllow, and Kold Blooded in Los Angeles, CA

Lil Lotus and Smrtdeath pop-up in New York, NY

Goth Money Records, Pictureplane, Working on Dying and Five Finger Posse in Brooklyn, NY

Coldhart, BB Sun, Rawska, Wishbaby, Gemm Forza, AJ Suede, Zerow, Fo55ils, and Gold Toof in Seattle, WA

Lil Tracy, Horse Head, Cold Hart, Wifigawd, Nedarb, Yung Goth, Chxpo, Boofboiicy, Forza, The Loosie Man, Wicca Phase Springs Eternal and Charlie Shuffler in Los Angeles, CA

Coldworldgang, Shinigami, Familypet, Holy Mountain and Refe in Brooklyn, NY

Lil Tracy and Smrtdeath in Toronto, CA.

Convolk, DXD Allstars, Lil Narnia, Local Zero, Gucci Preme, and Hound Beats in San Jose, CA.

Lil Tracy and Lil Raven in Brooklyn, NY.

Chxpo, Dizzi Slick, Ka5sh, Esselyem and Scumboys in Los Angeles, CA

Event posters for Bossa Nova Civic Club, Brooklyn, NY

Kane Grocerys Booking Poster, Los Angeles, CA

Kane Crocerys Pop Up Shop in New York, NY

Nani Castle & Udachi Album Listening Party in Brooklyn, NY